Ardent Report: Direct Sourcing 2023:

Scalable Processes, Sustainable Talent

WorkLLama is proud to sponsor the latest Ardent Report: Direct Sourcing 2023: Scalable Processes, Sustainable Talent. This report surveyed more than 340 business executives about the current market, strategic talent initiatives, and plans to implement direct sourcing. They noted that almost half (44%) are feeling a “great deal” of uncertainty about what will happen in 2023, and are either implementing or have plans to implement direct sourcing to develop talent pools to create a flexible and adaptable workforce. While direct sourcing certainly isn’t new, its rise in popularity is due, in part, because of its “alignment with the world of work and talent.”

In this report, you’ll learn:
● Baseline direct sourcing strategy components
● The importance of talent sustainability
● How direct sourcing supports DE&I initiatives through branding and access to talent
● The importance of the candidate experience
● The value of AI and automation in direct sourcing

“The current landscape of the workforce presents challenges for businesses to attract and retain high-quality talent due to social, economic, and corporate factors. To address this, businesses can employ direct sourcing strategies to build self-sustaining communities of talent whilst revolutionizing talent acquisition processes. Talent sustainability is critical to ensuring business success in the near future , and direct sourcing serves as a powerful link to achieving this goal.”


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